Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Toddler Time

"Homemade" Crayons!
This is super easy and gives new life to crayon bits!

Just take all your crayon bits, remove the paper, and arrange in your tins. You could get really creative with your color mixtures, but I made it pretty simple considering it was the first try. Note: I do not recommend "cheapo" crayons. It may have just been a fluke, but once they were molded, they didn't color anymore. So, stock up on the cheap Crayolas while you can!

You could use any shaped muffin tin or mold pan, I just happened to score a heart shaped one at the dollar store!

Pop in the oven at about 200 degrees.. just keep an eye on them! Once melted, set out until dried and molded. Mine popped out easily once cooled, so you shouldn't have any problems.

Perfect for little one's hands. I sprang for the Tadoodles a while back and trust me, they were not worth the money!

I will be using these for goody-bags and holidays. Very original and creative and I can't think of a kid who wouldn't love these!


April said...

I've heard of these being done, but the heart shapes I think really seal the deal on how cute and creative these are!

evaporated said...

What a super-cute idea! I bet you could also do this on those candle-wax bits that you can buy at the store in packages - pop a tiny wick in there and you can give heart-shaped candles to everyone! I think I may have to try this!!