Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

I got lucky once again with Kroger Manager Specials! And a plus, most of them are organic!

Here's what I got:

Organic Barley-(Closeout) $1.50
(This stuff is $5.00 at our health-food store!)

4 boxes Organic Macaroni and (White) Cheese- .77/each
regularly $1.99

Earth's Best Organic Cheese Crackers-$1.00
regularly $2.00

2 Bags of Cheddar All Natural Kettle Chips-$1.19
regularly $3.19 (WOW!)

2 Containers of Buitoni Light Alfredo Sauce .50
2 Container of Buitoni Marinara Sauce .50
(I don't know what these are regularly but I'm guessing too high since I never buy them!)

Nothing I purchased expires earlier than mid August. Not bad! :)

Keep an eye out for Manager's Specials. They are so bizarre, sometimes things are already out of date and others have no reason (at least to me) to be on markdown- it's definitely hit or miss!

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Tasha said...

Wow! Great finds! I always forget about Manager's Specials! Def. will be keeping an eye out for them now! Thanks for participating!