Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Preserving Memories

I have come up with a few creative ways to preserve my daughter's artwork and I wanted to share them with you! In doing this, though, I am hoping some of you have some ideas to share, as I am losing space on my refridgerator! ;)

A few weeks ago Monkey picked me "my first flower" and luckily I got a great picture but she quickly shredded it up. So, later when she picked me another one, I held on to it for dear life! So here's what I've done:
I got a frame that matched my kitchen (Dollar Store, of course) and I "laminated" it by taping it across a plain white index card. I pressed the flower down pretty firmly to keep it from getting "icky" under the tape. I also put the date on the back.

Another thing I've done is kept a notebook for her to doodle in. I purchased a matted frame that holds 3 pictures and just cut to size a few of the doodles she made and framed it in her little classroom.

I went to our local print shop and laminated a some of her scribbles and came home and created a few gifts. Big Daddy's (Grandpa) birthday is right around the corner so I made a bookmark out of one of them and I know he will just be tickled!

So inexpensive, yet priceless!
I would love to hear some of your budget-friendly ideas!


Mama Koala said...

I Love these ideas! Stumbled across your blog through other blogs...great work!