Friday, July 18, 2008

Cooking for Kids

Tonight I made monkey Mickey Mouse Pizza. I totally cheated and used a box mix for pizza crust (pressed for time) but check back next week, and I will have a whole wheat recipe for you!
It's pretty simple, just roll out your dough and use a small biscuit cutter for the ears. You could use anything small and circular. I used a cup for the face.

Press the ears into the face and viola! A cute little Mickey Mouse pizza!

She was so excited! It made me a little sad to have to cut it up, lol :(

I also made "fried" green beans by sauteing green beens in italian bread crumbs and EVOO Spray. Not totally healthy, but also, not fried. It fooled her, and she hates green beans! (I tried them and they were very yummy!)


annieck said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! I LOVE this idea!

Megan said...

Cute! I tagged you sista! go look at my post beacuse it's your turn!