Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spreading the "Tackle it" Love!

I've been at my mom's for the past few days and I got to tackle her pantry!! (Is this normal to be so excited to actually want to tackle someone else's home to fuel my organization hunger? PROBABLY NOT, lol)

I always tease her, "Mom, how are you going to know you have enough pasta if its on the bottom shelf with the chips?" After more than a few comments, she finally said the magic words, "Well, get in there, girl!" :)

I am so insanely jealous that she has a closet pantry. We used to in our old house and I miss it! I had been wanting to tackle it for forever because I wanted to put an over-the-door shoe organizer on that pantry door! She was so excited..not as much as me of course, but again, I'm an odd duck when it comes to this stuff ;)

So here we go..
(It's not an actual "before" shot, because I realize that the shelf with the cans was already started. Whoopsie.)


Oh, and how I adore this can organizer. Won't fit in my dinky cabinents :(

Isn't this awesome!?

I spread the clear glass container love, too. Something so crisp, clean, and organized about kitchen staples being in clear glass containers. (sigh. love.) Didn't remember to get a pic, though. Hmph.

Oh, and guess what my mom purchased? A LABEL MAKER!! The disease is spreading!!


Trina said...

Girl you got it goin' on! I could learn a thing or two from you!

Wanna come do mine :)

Tasha said...

THIS CRACKS ME UP. I'm so relieved to know that I am not the only "odd duck" when it comes to being a complete clean freak & organized junkie with EVERYTHING.

Do you want to know a sad and sick little secret??? When people ask me what I want or need for Christmas/birtdays or whatever, instead of the "normal" things like clothes or whatever, I desperatly want to tell them, "ANYTHING organizational!". haha

My shoe rack has been broke for a while now and I CAN NOT WAIT to get to town and see what fun thing I can pick up to organize all my shoes at the bottom of the closet. Its sick I know. But you understand! :) Sorry to ramble. I tend to do that to when it comes to organizing things....:)

Mama Koala said...

Impressive organization! I need to learn from you. Hey, I am so behind on the tagging thing--need to work on it, but I wanted to let you know you've won an award. Come over and check it out.

annieck said...

Oh my goodness! You are amazing! You would probably have a heart attack if you saw my pantry or any of my cabinets for that matter!
Could you come organize my home??? Pretty pretty please?! :)