Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Overseas Coupon Program

Attention Coupon Clippers! Don't throw those coupons away! There is an awesome program that accepts your coupons (expired, too!!) and distributes them to our military families overseas. Here are a few details from their website:

"Our program serves military families by assisting you to forward "manufacturer's coupons" to overseas military bases. These bundles of coupons are placed on tables, at the PX and Commissary, or handed out for use by military members and families on base. This helps the family save valuable dollars and stretch their budget. The service pay rates are no longer below the poverty level, but they are in no way great. (AINT THAT THE TRUTH!) They appreciate your assistance.

There is no minimum. You'll find that those pesky little pieces of paper add up fast! The average Sunday newspaper contains approximately $125 worth of coupons. Even the smallest donation, when combined with the donations of other individuals, will make a difference in the lives of many military families serving our country overseas.

Expired Coupons?
2 Months Max! Yes expired coupons are accepted.

If you are interested in adopting a base, visit the Overseas Coupon Program here for more information. Be sure and bring this program up at church tomorrow night! You can register as a group or an individual. (This would definitely help on shipping costs.)

I am thrilled to have found this, I think it's a wonderful program!


April said...

This is awesome my little brother is a marine and he leave for Iraq next month :( I will definatly do this and repost this on my blog!