Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

It's Thrifty Thursday over at one of my favorite blogs, Comical Coupon Cents. So, here are my finds from our local Just a Dollar yesterday:

The "Seedling Bible" is just precious! This will be great for "Bible time" since it's in story-book form, with lots of pictures, and it actually has little sidenotes which will help me in teaching.

The "Matching Items" is a flip book complete with pics and simple words. Just right for teaching a toddler.

And lastly, my favorite; old-fashioned, good 'ole alphabet blocks. Perfect for teaching colors, letters and words. The backside of the blocks also have shapes!

AND... drumroll, please:

HAIRBOWS! WOW! A buck! I make my daughter's hairbows, but I can barely get the materials for that price! And my little monkey can't seem to keep her white bows "white", so this was definitely an excellent find! (I also might add that in my 'pre-frugal days' I was known to frequent boutiques and buy these for as much as $12 a piece. I'm shaking my head as I type this. YIKES!)

If you have a local $ store, take some time to really stroll the aisles. I mean, really stroll. Some of it is just pure junk, but sometimes there's some really great stuff! Like once I found a "Take Out Menus" accordian file. To some it may be worthless, but for a new mommy it made the perfect baby shower gift! It was a huge hit! (And it was A DOLLAR.)

And start stocking up on little Christmas gifts as you see them, (especially for the kiddoes) because they will be gone! (My sister and I do this all the year through! Saves a lot of stress in December!)


Tasha said...

Great finds! I am soooo jealous of the hair bows! Did you get them at Dollar Tree? Or do you have a different kind of "dollar" store... I am SO going to go look for some! Those are awesome! I can never keep her white bows clean either! haha

Elizabeth said...

I just came across your blog and I love it!! I'm also a dollar store fanatic. It can take me a good hour to comb through but I always come up with awesome things!!

Sarah @ Fiddledeedee said...

Ooooh, those hairbows are adorable. We love hairbows around here (well at least I do!).

My 1 year old throws hers on the floor of the grocery store several time each trip, so we can never have too many.

Great deals!

Carlie Faulk said...

Hey - just wanted to pop over and answer your question. I live in Lafayette - no too far from you :)

I wish my dd was small enought to still wear bows.....

Anonymous said...

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