Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Teaching in the Home

Here is our little classroom. I am so proud of this! She just adores it! I chose to put it at the end of our hallway because I know she will focus if all the doors are shut and there are no distractions. She loves to learn!

Our biggest achievement is, "tell mommy what you want". So, Monkey and I have been working on our basics alot lately and I am proud to say she has learned the following in just the past few days!

She says, "I want out." (car)

What does a puppy dog say? "Wuff Wuff"

What does a bear do? "Woar" (complete with claw theatrics)

She knows the color red, or "wed".

Everything this week is a head-shake for yes or an "uhh-uhhhhh" for no! (this is especially at night-night time, lol)

She turns the t.v. off on her own when its time to go bye-bye.

She also narrates her every move. "I turned the t.v. off," "trash", "diaper".

She throws things in the trash on her own!

We had dinner at the park yesterday and she kept saying, "I wanna swing momma." And on our way to the swings, "walk, walk momma!!" (Guess I wasn't going fast enough?)

She goes and gets a diaper and the wipes when I ask her if she went potty. (She knows which is which if you know what I mean!)

So, we will be getting a potty tomorrow! GULP!

Can ya tell I'm a proud mommy?


~Babychaser~ said...

Thanks so much for your comment (I love comments!) and participation. In the future, would you mind linking back to me so your readers have a chance to participate. That would bless my heart bunches!

Thanks again. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog!!! I enjoyed reading your "classroom" post! :)